Originario de la Ciudad de México, actualmente radica en Tlaxcala.

Escultor egresado de la Escuela Nacional de pintura y escultura La Esmeralda. I.N.B.A. CDMX.

Personalidades reconocidas en el mundo del arte como: Milena Koprivitza, Luis Ortíz Macedo, Federico Silva, Bertha Taracena, Lily Kassner, entre otros han escrito sobre su obra.

Su obra ha sido expuesta en Canadá, Estados Unidos y México.

Ha sido acreedor de diversas becas otorgadas por instituciones culturales mexicanas y del extranjero.


Olivera works in the search for balance and precision in ambiguity, which privilege rationality over the illogical. Even on a flat surface, the development of his geometric projects shows formal implications based on the superposition of optical planes, diverse, variable and finally structured among themselves.

He carries out his three-dimensional works on painted or oxidized steel plate, impeccably crafted, shaped by strict movements that break down planes to triumphantly take over the space. He generates abstract forms that, more than symbols, build ideograms of a wonderful and unknown language in the air, which, in their rich diversity, always refer to a reiterated theme: the playful grace of human creation.

His work has been exhibited in Canada, the United States and Mexico.

He has been the recipient of various scholarships awarded by Mexican and foreign cultural institutions.